We believe every company, no matter it’s size, should be properly represented with it’s branding, design, and marketing materials. Without branding and proper design to help you stand out, your company remains essentially invisible and doesn’t have a chance to rise above the rest of the companies in your industry.
Speers Creative is committed to making great design accessible to everyone- offering you everything we’ve got to set you up for success.

Josh Speers

Founder & Creative Lead

Personable and driven by innovative design, Josh is the creative force behind Speers Creative. Prior to entering the design and media industry, he spent 7 years traveling around the world, exploring different cultures and gaining an extensive understanding and appreciation for the arts. His passions led him to earn a theatre degree in Norway, perform music and release a record. While on a tight budget, Josh found himself inspired to design his album cover, which was the first of many design experiences that led him back to Canada to complete a degree in Graphic Design and further develop his craft as a multidisciplinary artist.

His philosophy is clear – It comes down to the experience one has with their environment which can ultimately make or break a person’s values, beliefs and preferences. In the consumer world that might include why a person chooses one brand or product over another. This is what forms the basis of Speers Creative. Using his knowledge of the arts industry and combining it with his design skills, Josh is able to collaborate with his clients to create a truly original experience for each and every one. Welcome to Speers Creative!

Our mission is simple:

Revolutionize the way we experience the world around us, one brand at at time.

Great design is for everyone,
your brand deserves it!

Discover how Speers Creative can propel your business, boost your brand, and help you build something great. Book a free strategy call today!

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